Priceless in the art of negotiation


I moved to Orange County 3 years ago at the very height of the local real estate market. I thought I was prepared for the reality of California Real Estate and knew the intricacies of real estate from being a home owner in the Boston and Dallas areas. I quickly learned that Southern California is a world unto itself and I needed a skilled professional.
Andrea worked diligently with me along every step of the way as I looked all over Orange County to find the right area for me. She worked hard to learn my taste in a home and helped steer me to the right neighborhood for me. I am now the proud owner of a 3 bedroom townhome in Irvine, CA.
She was priceless in the art of negotiation. I learned that it is during important time between the offer being presented and the offer being accepted that she brought her skill to the table to close a sale. Without her being on my team I would have never been able to get the right house for me.
Please accept this letter as my highest recommendation for Andrea as very capable real estate sales professional and a true negotiator that can close the deal.