Spring into Action

Andrea Ballesteros April 4, 2024

Are you contemplating a change of scenery? Well, buckle up because the prime time to kickstart your moving plans is just around the corner! According to a recent study by Realtor.com, analyzing housing market trends over the years (except for the anomaly of 2020), the optimal week to list your house this year falls between April 14-20.

Every year, there's that magical week when selling your home feels like hitting the jackpot. And guess what? This year, it's the week of April 14–20! If you're aiming for an avalanche of interest, a swift sale, and some extra bucks in your pocket, mark this week on your calendar, pronto!

Now, why is this crucial for you? Well, while any spring week is generally a good time to sell, this one might just be the cream of the crop. If you've been procrastinating on your plans, consider this your gentle nudge to kick things into gear. As Hannah Jones, Senior Economic Research Analyst at Realtor.com, puts it:

"The third week of April brings the best combination of housing market factors for sellers. The best week offers higher buyer demand, lower competition [from other sellers], and fewer price reductions than the typical week of the year."

But hey, if you're eager to dive into the action, you gotta hustle and lean on the experts. Your trusty local real estate agent is your ultimate guide to charting out a game plan to whip your house into shape and get it on the market.

They'll dish out advice on striking the right balance between your target listing date and the repairs and renovations needed. Plus, they'll lay out a blueprint for you to prioritize your to-do list. For instance, if your humble abode is already in pretty good shape, you can zero in on those quick fixes that pack a punch. As an article from Investopedia wisely suggests:

"You won’t have time for any major renovations, so focus on quick repairs to address things that could deter potential buyers."

Still feeling a tad unprepared? Don't sweat it. Even if you can't swing a listing in the next couple of weeks, fear not. The window of opportunity doesn't slam shut when this week bids adieu. Spring reigns supreme as the peak home-buying season, and it's still a seller's market, so you're in for a ride all season long.

Bottom Line: Ready to roll the dice? Let's link up and carve out a plan for your next steps. Whether you're itching to list ASAP or need a bit more time to spruce things up, your dream home sale is just a conversation away.

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