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The following links are offered as a resource for our clients. They represent contractors and other qualified specialists who have a reputation for providing outstanding service. We either have personal knowledge of their services, or they have come highly recommended by reliable sources. In no way have any of these companies paid to have their services listed on our site, nor do we receive compensation for referrals received through this service.
We encourage you to provide us with feedback on the use of these companies if you have the opportunity to use them. We will consider adding other professionals from reliable sources.
Contact us with information for consideration, or for any other comments about this resource.
Thomas J. Weber, SRA, CRP, Certified General Appraiser
(949) 215-3132
(562) 431-8048 
Neil Partch - Landmark Appraisal

Real Estate Attorney - Kimberly Wright 



Estate Planning & Business Law  Anderson Law Group - Nicole Anderson (949)715-4303 

Cleanspace Crawlspace Encapsulation System (800) 638-7048

Alliance Environmental (877) 858-6220

Coastal Risk Management, Inc.  (888) 822-6653 (Inspection, Testing and Repairs)

DryMaster Water/Fire/Mold/Asbestos Testing and Remediation, Residential & Commercial (949) 492-1100

Envirocheck - (800) 665-7586 Testing only

Martin Brooks Cabinetry 



Bob Carpenter 


Michael Jouvenat, Foundation water sealing & Property Drainage (949) 244-7746

Strickland Electric - Troy Strickland (714)323-3302

Ace Electrical Service (949) 551-6749 or (714) 731-0228

Steve Carter Electric (949) 481-4752 Repairs and Remodels - Aluminum wire Conversions

Hall Electric - Greg Hall, (949) 498-4255 Office, (949) 466-0903, [email protected]

Kyriss Electrical Services - Tustin  Kevin Kyriss (714) 322-9675

Red Hot Hearth & Home Frank Steward Fireplace inspections, repairs, outdoor grills/fireplaces (714) 771-4328

Lucky Sully Chimney Cleaning, Repairs, Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning (714) 342-7415

Oliver Twist Inspection and Repair/Chimney Cleaning, Steve Lovsteen, (714) 843-9944

MHCC Inc. 949-230-4053

Laguna Flooring 949-494-1122

Carpet Choice, Matt Sharifi (949) 349-0099 (Carpet, Wood, Laminate, Travertine, Granite)

OC Dust Free Hardwood Floor Refinishing, Tile/Grout Restoration, Gus DeFalco (949) 631-9500 

Alpha Structural, Inc. David Tourje' (323) 258-5482

Saber Foundations Inspections, Stabilization & Underpinning, Repairs (877) 774-5887

EagleLift Foundation and slab lifting, non-destructive repairs (877) 752-2522

Scott Boden - SBC Construction (949)279-0503

Roger Lundquist Home Repair, LLC, Design & Build (949) 831-8121 or (949) 643-2833


Peter Anderson - Anderson Geological (949)371-3690

OC Geo Michael R. Lewis, PG (949) 290-0892

LA Private Eyes Engineers Abe Simantob,(866) 436-3647
Geologic Property Evaluations Robert Ruff   [email protected]   (714) 920-7744

Private Eyes Engineers (Vista, CA) Masood Gaskari (800) 864-6500

Borella Geology Inc. Peter Borella [email protected] (949) 494-3566

Alex Contreras - 714-329-9395

Lewis Air Heating and Air Conditioning (949) 430-7403

Ocean Air, Inc. John Kopp (949) 525-9119

Seaside Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. Victor Serrao, President, (949) 496-3639

Always Heating & Plumbing , (949)-581-4514


Kate and Amanda Design - Amanda Masney (416)909-1942 Instagram

Andra Miller Design - Andra Miller (602)370-0570 Instagram

One West Studio - Haley Boukather (949)798-9683 Instagram

Golden West Leak Detection John Whiteley (949) 859-7356 (Locating slab leaks)

Pipe Scope Services Phil Daniel - Sewer and Drain Camera, Electronic Line and Leak Location (714) 458-9883

Rancho Laguna Builders - Bill Dalke (949) 422-0982

Alliance Environmental, Inc. (877) 858-6220 (Inspection, Remediation and Repairs)

Coastal Risk Management, Inc. (888) 822-6653 (Inspection, Testing and Repairs)

Mold-Tek, (949) 490-1025

EnviroCheck - (800) 665-7586 (Testing only)

Rainbow International Resto

Two Men and a Truck (714)312-3800  www.twomenandatruck.com


Harrison & Matthew Painting - Harrison Kim (714) 800-9404 Interior/Exterior/Residential/Commercial

Brian Horton - Renovation and Painting (949) 295-3069 Cell, [email protected]

Plans Are Us Illegal Additions Made Legal - Diahanne Payne (310) 365-8543

OC Leak Detection Pool Leak Detection Experts (866) 523-3303

Jeff Baylis Pool Contractor, Remodels and new pool/spa construction (951) 830-6264

Aquanetic Pools & Spas, Inc. New construction and pool/spa remodeling (949) 348-1667

McKeown Plumbing 855-641-4365

Always Plumbing and Heating Air (949) 409-6074 

Bennett's Plumbing, Inc. (949) 631-8393

Four Star Plumbing, Kelli Frank, Vice President, (949) 492-7191

Competent Plumbing, USA Water Heaters, Denis Ali, (949) 535-2228

Chris Isaacs Plumbing - Chris Isaacs, Owner (714) 448-6206

Old Towne Plumbing - Karl Bonham, (714) 532-6274

Plumbing Concepts, Inc. (714) 692-3890

Let it Rain Roofing - Damond (949) 361-1615

Cert-A-Roof Inspections, repairs and Certifications (888) 766-3800

Gary Fox Roofing,  Inspections, Repairs or Replacement (949) 290-4856

Rescue Roofer, Inc  Repairs and Certifications (800) 647-7663

SewerVideo - John White - Certified Sewer Line Video Inspection & Location (310) 397-5076

Rick the Happy Plumber - Drain Cleaning, Leak Detection, Camera Inspection,  Art Guevara, (714) 635-0787

Sewer Camera Inspection - Sunrise Inspection, Chuck Lambert [email protected]  (714) 915-2443

Old Towne Plumbing - Karl Bonham, (714) 532-6274 Camera Inspections, Plumbing Repairs

Pipe Scope Services - Phil Daniel - Sewer and Drain Camera, Electronic Line and Leak Location (714) 458-9883

Municipal Underground Services, Inc. Dave Boutelle [email protected] (949) 364-3920

Alpha Structural, Inc. David Tourje
(323) 258-5482
Private Eyes Engineers - Massood Gaskari, PE (Vista, CA) (800) 864-6500

Accurate Termite & Pest Control - (949) TERMITE (949) 837-6483

Colony Termite Control (949) 361-2500

Vanguard Exterminators - Eddie Herrera, (562) 334-6955 [email protected]

Newport Exterminating 949) 261-0700 (800) 973-0098

Quality First Termite  (949) 348-1730


Wallpaper Removal & Hanging Darrell Collier, (714) 255-9568

DryMaster Water/Fire/Mold/Asbestos Testing and Remediation, Residential & Commercial (949) 492-1100

Rainbow International Restoration (888) 778-3492, (949) 582-2248


Window Restoration & Repair (562) 493-1590

Mission Viejo Glass - Repairs, Replacement and Retrofit Windows (949) 482-0402

John Campbell Insurance, 450 Ocean Ave, Laguna Beach CA 92651

(949) 499-1008 

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